GB/T 33594-2017 EV Charging Cable

Charging cables for 1-phase and 3-phase charging. Multi-strand fine-stranded copper conductor, in line with GB/T 3956 category 5 or 6 standards.

Main Advantage

  • nominal voltage 450 V AC / 750 V AC / max. 1.0 KV DC
  • nominal current up to 250 A
  • operating temperature –40 °C up to +90 °C
  • 90 °C

    Max operating temperature

  • –40 °

    Min operating temperature

  • <1000V

    Rated voltage

  • max 250A

    Rated current

  • GB/T 33594

    Flame Resistance

  • 5D

    Bending radius

GB/T 33594-2017 EV charging cable application

It is mainly used for the connection between the charging pile and the electric vehicle, and can also be used for the connection between the portable charging device and the charging power source.

GB/T 33594-2017 EV charging cable product structure

  • Conductor: multi-strand fine-stranded copper conductor, in line with the standard of category 5 or category 6 in GB/T 3956

  • Insulation: TPE or irradiated ethylene propylene rubber, color one can be according to customer requirements

  • Shielding (if any): braided copper wire and wrapped with aluminum-plastic composite tape

  • Filling: PP mesh filling rope

  • Tape: thin non-woven fabric

  • Sheath: TPE or TPU, color one black or orange


GB/T 33594-2017 EV charging cable technical parameters

  • Rated voltage: AC 450/750V and below, DC 1000V and below

  • Withstanding voltage test: 2.5kV/15min, 3.5kV/15min

  • Conductor working temperature: -40°C~+105°C (60°C for models EVDC-SS and EVDC-SSPS)

  • Working environment temperature of the product: -50℃~+50℃

  • Minimum bending radius: 4D for static applications; 5D for dynamic applications

GB/T 33594-2017 EV charging cable technical feature

  • Resistance to chemical liquids: GB/T33594-2017 (soak in the test liquid for 1 hour, take it out and place it at room temperature for 22 hours, and there will be no cracks on the surface of the cable after the sample is bent)

  • Anti-ultraviolet aging: GB/T 16422.3 (1000h, no discoloration, no cracking, retention rate of tensile strength and elongation at break ≥ 80%)

  • Friction resistance: GB/T 33594-2017 (the sheath is reciprocated and scraped 2000 times, the sheath will not be worn through, and the core will not be exposed)

  • Low temperature bending: GB/T 33594-2017 (-40℃/16h, no cracks on the cable surface)

  • Anti-vehicle rolling: meet the requirements of GB/T 33594-2017

  • Flame retardant performance: meet the requirements of GB/T 33594-2017

  • Environmental protection: meet RoHS

GBT 33594 EV Charging Cable-1.webp

Parameters of GB/T 33594-2017 EV Charging Cable

ModelCable Specifications(mm²)Conductor outer diameter(mm)Finished outer diameter range(mm)

20℃ Conductor

Maximum DC Resistance(Q/kM)

Reference ampacity(A)
Cable structure and electrical parameters for AC electric vehicle charging
EV-EYU(T)3×2.5+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)2.312.0~13.0          7.9820
EV-EYUPU5×2.5+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)                     2.314.0~15.0     7.9820

Cable structure and electrical parameters for DC electric vehicle charging
EVDC-EYU2×16+1×16 5.819.0~22.01.2180
EVDC-EYUPU2×50+1×2510.0/6.932.0~37.00.386/0.780 150

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