200A CCS 2 Socket / ccs type 2 socket, G001 24VL

Model: SCZ-200A-1000V-EU G001 24VL

CCS type 2 inlet, for charging with alternating current (AC) and with direct current (DC), IEC 62196.3-2022, 80 A / 1000 V (DC), 32 A / 480 V (AC), wires length: customize, locking actuator: 24 V electronic lock on the left side, Front mounting, Push-on protective cap.

Main Parameter

  • +50℃

    Max operating temperature

  • -40℃

    Min operating temperature

  • 1000V

    Rated voltage

  • 200A

    Rated current

  • Rated current: DC+/DC-: 200A, L1/L2/L3/N: 32A

  • Applicable wire diameter: 70mm², Insulation outer diameter: Φ15±0.2

  • 24V electronic lock on the left side

  • Meet TUV/CE certification requirements

  • Plug-in dust protection cap; this model supports front mounting

  • 10,000 plug and unplug cycles, stable temperature rise

Product Description

SCZ series European standard CCS 2 socket are installed on electric vehicles, CCS type 2 inlet. By cooperating with CCS combo 2 DC charging cable, the DC charging function is realized. The products meet IEC 62196.3-2022 and RoHS requirements.

Technical Data
Electrical properties
Rated current

DC+/DC-: 200A



Wire Diameter

DC+/DC-: 70mm²; 

Outer diameter: Φ15±0.2

Rated voltage

DC+/DC-: 1000V DC;  

L1/L2/L3/N: 480V AC; 


Withstand voltage3000V AC / 1min. (DC +  DC-  PE)
Insulation resistance1000V DC, ≥5000MΩ (normal temperature and humidity); ≥100MΩ (humid state)
Terminal temperature rise<50K
Electronic locks24V
Electronic locks locationleft side
Mechanical properties
Insertion/withdrawal cycles>10,000 times
Insertion/Withdrawal force<100N
Environmental properties
Ambient temperature-40℃~+50℃
Degree of Protection

IP55(When not mated)  

IP44(After mated)

Salt spray class96h
Main material
Insulation partPA
Sealing partSilicone Rubber
Contact partCopper alloy
Mounting type Front mounting (0 to 90 degree frontal inclination possible)
Mounting hole diameter6.5 mm (ø)
Fixing screwsM6

Temperature Sensor

PT1000 temperature monitoring principle:

AC: 1 temperature sensor installed at L1 terminal

DC: 2 temperature sensors are installed at the DC+/DC- terminals respectively

Temperature sensor model: PT1000, the temperature sensor model can be adjusted according to customer needs.

Suggested temperature control method: limit the charging current when the temperature reaches 100°C, and stop charging when the temperature reaches 120°C.

Requirement reason: IEC62196 stipulates that the working temperature of charging products is -30℃~+50℃, and the maximum temperature rise of the terminals is 50K. When the temperature reaches 100°C, the current should be limited to avoid continuous temperature rise. In order to prevent the internal components and cables of charging products from aging at high temperatures, the charger should stop charging when the temperature reaches 120°C.

PT1000 temperature sensor parameters



Rated current


Insulation resistance

≥100MΩ(100V DC)

Withstand voltage

3000V AC (60s)

Flame retardant grade

UL94 V-0

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