DC Fast Charger Plug

DC fast chargers typically use different types of plugs depending on the region and the standard being used. The current DC fast charger plug type developed and produced by Saichuan Electronics are:

CCS2 plug: This ccs2 plug is used in Europe and North America and is becoming the most popular standard. It combines a DC charging plug with an AC charging plug, allowing the vehicle to charge from both AC and DC sources.

GB/T DC plug: This plug is suitable for electric vehicle charging systems produced by Chinese standards. It is a DC charging plug similar to CCS, but there are some differences in the communication protocol.

DC Fast Charger Plug Product List
Saichuan CCS 2 Plug(Combined Charging System plug) / CCS2 Charging Cable, suitable for DC fast charging of electric vehicles, can quickly charge Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Electric Vehicles(EV) .
  • 90℃

    Max operating temperature

  • -40℃

    Min operating temperature

  • 1000V

    Rated voltage

  • max 300A

    Rated current

  • UL94V-0

    Flame Resistance

Saichuan GB/T DC charging plug, with 5m charging cable, cable length can be customized. The current specification is 80A / 125A / 200A / 250A, and there are two colors of black and white.
  • 105℃

    Max operating temperature

  • -30℃

    Min operating temperature

  • 1000V DC

    Rated voltage

  • 80A~250A

    Rated current

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