XLPE HV Shielded Multi-Core Copper Cable

HV shielded multi-core copper cables for hybrid and pure electric vehicles. Temperature class +125℃, XLPE/XLPO insulation, rated Voltage AC 600V, DC 900v.

Main Advantage

  • Flame Test:Flames extinguished at 70s,Keep unburned at least 50mm;
  • Oil Resistance:IlRM902,IRM903,Gasoline for 20h in each,Variation of OD≤15%,No cracks;
  • Reference standard:ISO6722、QC/T 1037、ISO19642、LV216、DEKRA-179
  • 125℃

    Max operating temperature

  • -40℃

    Min operating temperature

  • DC 900V

    Rated voltage

  • UL94

    Flame Resistance

  • 5D

    Bending radius

Sailtran has a range of ev high voltage cablehighybrid vehicle high voltage cable, available in shielded, unshielded or multi-conductor configurations.

Sailtran offer a range of FHL2G, FHLAL2G, FHLR2GCB2G, FHLR4GC13X, FHLR91XC13X & FHLR2G2GCB2G types Cables.

Our experts match you with the optimum conductor cross-section, reducing weight, packaging space and costs.

Product Structure

  • Conductor:Bare Copper/Tinned Copper

  • Filling: PP rope

  • Taping:Polyester tape/aluminum foil

  • Braid:Tinned copper

  • Insulation/Sheath:XLPE / XLPO (red, white, black)/orange

Product Features

  • Rated temperature:-40℃~125℃;

  • Rated Voltage:AC/DC 600/900v;

  • Short-term Aging:240h,Comply with QC/T 1037;

  • Long-term Aging: 3000h,Comply with QC/T 1037;

  • Withstand voltage:2.1kV/1min. ( 600/900v );

  • Anti-tear Performance:>20N/mm;

  • Minimum bending radius:5D(OD≤20mm),6D(OD >20mm);

  • Environmental Requirements:RoHS & REACH;

Remarks: The above product specifications, dimensions and structures may be changed due to technological progress. Similar specifications can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs.


Parameters of XLPE HV Shielded Multi-Core Copper Cable

Number of cable coresCable specifications
Maximum conductor resistance
(mQ/m at.20°C)
Rated voltage (AC/DC) Ref. (A) Ref. (mm)Rated temperatureColor
21.512.7600V/900V138.2-40℃~ 125℃orange
3600V/900V118.8-40℃~ 125℃orange
4600V/900V109.5-40℃~ 125℃orange
5600V/900V910.0-40℃~ 125℃orange
22.57.6600V/900V189.6-40℃~ 125℃orange
3600V/900V1610.2-40℃~ 125℃orange
4600V/900V1410.8-40℃~ 125℃orange
5600V/900V1311.8-40℃~ 125℃orange
244.71600V/900V2611.0-40℃~ 125℃orange
3600V/900V2212.0-40℃~ 125℃orange
4600V/900V2013.0-40℃~ 125℃orange
5600V/900V1814.2-40℃~ 125℃orange
263.14600V/900V3312.0-40℃~ 125℃orange
3600V/900V2913.8-40℃~ 125℃orange
4600V/900V2614.8-40℃~ 125℃orange
5600V/900V2316.0-40℃~ 125℃orange

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