European standard(CCS Type 2) DC charging socket harness assembly

2023-07-10 16:59:55

The ccs2 DC charging socket harness assembly refers to the wiring harness combination of the DC electric vehicle charging socket that meets European standards. The wire harness assembly usually includes components such as wires connecting the socket body and the power supply system, connectors, and insulating protective sleeves.


The design and specifications of the CCS 2 DC charging socket harness assembly follow the relevant European standards, such as the IEC 62196 standard, which specifies the physical characteristics and communication protocols of the electric vehicle charging interface. The design of the wire harness assembly takes into account the requirements of current transmission, electrical safety, protection, etc. to ensure safe and reliable DC charging.

The specific composition and structure of the harness assembly may vary with different charging devices, but generally includes the following main components:

  • Wires: Wires used to transmit DC current. Select the appropriate wire cross-sectional area and material according to the power requirements and safety standards of the charging equipment.

  • Connector: used to connect the charging socket and the power system, providing electrical connection and mechanical support. The type and configuration of the connector is determined according to the specifications of the socket and charging equipment.

  • Insulation Sheath: An insulating material covering a wire harness to protect the wires from damage from the external environment and to provide electrical insulation.

  • Wire harness fixing device: used to fix the wire harness on the charging device to prevent loosening and damage.


In general, the ccs2 DC charging socket harness assembly is a wiring harness combination specially designed for DC electric vehicle charging sockets that meet European standards, aiming to provide a safe and reliable DC charging connection. The exact design and composition may vary with different charging devices.

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