Connector solution for energy storage system

2022-07-06 13:56:32

Energy storage connector plays a crucial role in the whole new energy system. No matter from the generation link of new energy, to the transmission link of electric energy, or the final use link, it cannot be separated from the energy storage equipment. In particular, wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy sources are uncertain and intermittent, and do not have the ability of inertial frequency modulation, independent voltage regulation and damping power oscillation.

The energy storage connector produced by Zhengzhou Saichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is widely used in energy storage cabinet, energy storage station, mobile energy storage vehicle, household energy storage system, photovoltaic power station, wind power station and other battery pole connection.

Zhengzhou Saichuan Electronics has launched energy storage connection solutions. In view of the manufacturing, assembly, operation and maintenance process of the entire battery energy storage system, it has specially designed and developed the high-voltage energy storage connector for the energy storage system, which effectively ensures the functionality, environmental safety and equipment life cycle of the energy storage equipment.

Our energy storage connectors have the following features:

  • Anti wrong insertion design: the use of color distinction and keyway distinction design, to prevent workers from positive and negative connection, to avoid the risk of short circuit;

  • Easy maintenance: the product supports crimping before threading. If the plug is damaged, the plug can be replaced separately without replacing the cable.

  • Protection grade: optional IP67 protection grade, better waterproof and dustproof performance;

  • Anti-electric: anti-electric socket design, to prevent customers from electric shock when assembling, to ensure worker safety;

  • Secondary locking: our energy storage connector has the function of secondary locking, more safe and reliable;

  • Rotatable: the plug can rotate 360° after insertion, which can meet the wiring needs of different customers;

  • Multiple specifications: maximum 1500V, 400A. Cable specifications 10mm² -120 mm² optional;

Zhengzhou Saichuan electronics has the leading cable crimping technology and equipment, can provide cable integrated energy storage connector.

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