New energy vehicle HV wiring harness industry chain and component composition

2022-08-25 13:58:45

Saichuan Electronics is a high-voltage standard supplier for Yutong buses. All high-voltage wiring harnesses have passed the 60,000-kilometer road reliability test to ensure product reliability; The voltage is 1500V and the current can be carried 20-300A; the wire sheath is made of XLPE material, which is more durable; it is suitable for extreme temperature environments, with a temperature resistance of -40-125 degrees Celsius; the protection level can reach IP68, IP69K.

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The high-voltage wiring harness inside the new energy passenger car and commercial vehicle is the bridge for the work of the electrical components of the vehicle, and the blood vessel for the power and signal transmission and distribution of the car. Automotive high-voltage wiring harnesses belong to auto parts and are located in the middle of the entire automotive supply chain. The upstream supply chain is copper, rubber, plastic, cable and wire, etc. The downstream mainly includes automobile manufacturers and some parts and components supporting production business.

Automotive high-voltage wiring harnesses are configured for internal and external wiring harness connections in electric vehicles for different voltage levels and current-carrying capabilities. It is mainly used in the distribution of wiring harness signals inside the power distribution box to transmit electric energy with high efficiency and high quality, and shield external electromagnetic interference.

Automobile high-voltage wiring harness is mainly composed of high-voltage wiring harness, terminal, cable, covering and other parts. DC-DC, air conditioner PTC, charging motor, PDU, DC fast charging port, motor controller, high voltage maintenance switch, BAT power battery, high voltage box, AC slow charging port, etc. all need to use high voltage wiring harness.

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Saichuan Electronics has built two production bases for wiring harnesses and connectors, covering an area of about 15,000+ square meters and more than 300 employees. It has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in supporting new energy vehicles, and has more than 100 professional production equipment. The production line is industry-leading; every year The new energy vehicle assembly supporting capacity can reach 200,000 sets, and the annual capacity of the connector production line is about 2 million.

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