Type 2 AC charging socket for new energy vehicles

2023-08-15 09:06:54

The Type 2 AC charging socket (also known as the Mennekes socket) is a standard socket used for charging electric vehicles. It is a very common charging interface, particularly in the European market. Here is some basic information about the Type 2 European standard AC charging socket:

AC TYPE 2 Charging socket

  • Socket Design: The Type 2 socket typically has 7 or 8 pins, used for providing AC power, communication, and control signals. It includes two main power pins for transmitting electrical energy, as well as additional pins for communication and control functions.

  • Charging Power: The Type 2 socket can support different power levels of AC charging, usually ranging from 3.7 kW to 22 kW, or even higher. This allows vehicle owners to choose different charging speeds based on their needs.

  • Charging Modes: The Type 2 socket generally supports three main charging modes: single-phase AC charging, three-phase AC charging, and high-speed three-phase AC charging. These modes have different charging speeds and application ranges.

  • Charging Voltage: The voltage of the Type 2 socket is typically 230V (single-phase) or 400V (three-phase), depending on the voltage level of the connected grid.

  • Communication Protocols: The Type 2 socket often utilizes communication protocols such as ISO 15118 and IEC 61851-1 to facilitate communication and control between the vehicle and the charging infrastructure, ensuring a safe and efficient charging process.

In summary, the Type 2 socket, as a European standard AC charging interface, provides a universal and efficient charging method for electric vehicles, allowing vehicle owners to conveniently charge at various charging infrastructure points and promoting the development and adoption of electric cars. 

SCZ series European standard TYPE 2-Ⅱ charging socket is installed on the electric vehicle, and realizes the charging function by cooperating with the type 2 charging cable. The product meets IEC 62196.2, standard interface 2-IIf, and RoHS2.0 requirements.


Ordering model






32A three-phase AC charging socket



16A Single Phase AC Charging Socket



32A Single Phase AC Charging Socket



16A three-phase AC charging socket

Note: The Saichuan European standard Type 2 AC charging socket conforms to the standard IEC62196-2022, and must be mated with a charging cable conforming to the IEC62196 standard.

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