Saichuan electronic Type 2 AC charging inlet has come out, samples can be sent

2023-07-20 16:26:17

A Type 2 AC charging inlet, also known as a Mennekes Type 2 AC inlet, is the female socket on an electric vehicle (EV) designed to accept a Type 2 AC connector for charging. It allows the EV to be charged using alternating current (AC) from a charging station or a power source.

The Type 2 AC charging inlet is commonly used in Europe and is one of the most prevalent connectors for EV charging in the region. It is suitable for charging at various power levels, typically ranging from 5 kW for standard home charging to 15 kW for faster charging at public charging stations or commercial installations.

Type 2 AC charging inlet

When the EV needs to be charged, the driver or operator will connect the Type 2 AC connector (attached to the charging cable) to the Type 2 AC inlet on the vehicle. This establishes a connection between the charging station and the EV's onboard charging system, allowing electrical power to flow from the source to the vehicle's battery for charging.

Type 2 AC charging is commonly used for regular, everyday charging needs, such as overnight charging at home or during extended periods of parking at the workplace. For rapid charging at higher power levels, especially for long-distance travel, direct current (DC) charging methods like CCS (Combined Charging System) or CHAdeMO are typically used, as they offer faster charging times.


As with any charging connector, it's essential for EV owners to verify the charging standards and connectors supported by their specific vehicle model to ensure compatibility with the available charging infrastructure.

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