What are the charging port standards for electric vehicles? Use diagrams to illustrate.

2023-03-13 14:55:52

The charging interface and charging pile plug of electric vehicles will be different according to different countries and regions, as shown in the figure below:

Charging interface standards of various countries.jpg

(Picture: Differences in charging ports in the United States, the European Union, China, and Japan)

Among them, AC is "alternating current", and DC is "direct current", which correspond to slow charging and fast charging respectively. If you feel that it is difficult to distinguish, remember: "The one with fewer holes is fast charging, and the one with more holes is slow charging". On Tesla vehicles, both charging ports are in one location.


(Picture: Tesla's two charging ports, "DC fast charging" on the left and "AC slow charging" on the right)

AC charging port

The AC charging ports in North America and Japan all use the SAE J1772 standard single-phase five-hole charging port. This five-star interface is adopted by IEC 62196 and defined as a Type 1 charging port.

The European AC charging port adopts the Mennekes seven-hole charging port. Compared with the five-hole charging port, the seven-hole charging port has two more phase wires, so it is suitable for both single-phase charging and three-phase charging. This five-hole charging port is adopted by IEC 62196 and defined as a Type 2 charging port.

The North American SAE Association also plans to adopt the Type 2 charging port for three-phase charging, and has established a working group, which may be applied in North America with the SAE J3068 standard in the future.

China implemented a new version of the national standard GB/T 20234 in 2016, which uses a seven-hole AC charging port, but it is not compatible with the IEC Type 2 charging port.

GB/T 16A/32A AC Charging Socket

GB/T 16A/32A AC Charging Socket

DC charging port

Both Europe and the United States use CCS2 (Combined Charging System) charging ports that are compatible with AC charging ports. That is, the upper interface uses an AC charging port, and the lower interface uses two holes for DC charging.

CCS2 Charging Socket

CCS2 Charging socket

The CCS1 charging port in North America is defined as Configuration AA in IEC 62196, and the CCS2 charging port in Europe is defined as Configuration FF in IEC 62196.

China's new national standard adopts a nine-hole DC charging port, which is defined as Configuration BB in IEC 62196, but it is incompatible with the new national standard's AC charging port and the European, American and Japanese DC charging ports.

The DC charging port in Japan uses the CHAdeMO charging port, which is defined as Configuration AA in IEC 62196. Not compatible with various other charging ports

GB/T DC Charging Socket

GB/T 125A/250A DC Charging Socket

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