SH1 series four-core 20A~40A high voltage interlocking plastic connector

SH1 series products are high-voltage interlocking low-current plastic connectors, 20A/30A/40A optional, which are suitable for electrical connection between motor controllers, PDUs, all-in-one machines, PTCs and other on-board equipment. There are 2-hole and 3-hole options.

Main Advantage

  • High pressure interlock, secondary locking
  • Multi-key error proofing, shielding, waterproof
  • Delay separation (segment unlock), socket terminal TPA
  • 140℃

    Max operating temperature

  • -40℃

    Min operating temperature

  • 1000V

    Rated voltage

  • max 40A

    Rated current

  • UL94 V0

    Flame Resistance

Introduction of SH1 Four-core HV Interlocking Plastic Connector

SH1 series four-core high-voltage interlocking plastic connector, rated current 20A/32A/40A optional, suitable wire diameter 2.5mm²/4mm²/6mm². It is suitable for the electrical connection between motor controllers, PDUs, all-in-ones, PTCs and other on-board equipment. The product is made of plastic shell, and the quality is reliable. The SH1 series has two cores, three cores and four cores for option.

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Features of SH1 Four-core HV Interlocking Plastic Connector

  • High voltage interlock, secondary locking function

  • Secondary separation, delay separation function;

  • CPA TPA has a secondary locking structure;

  • Multi-key anti-wrong insertion, shielding, waterproof;

  • The rated voltage of the product is increased to 1000V, and the withstand voltage is 4000V AC;

  • The product is resistant to neutral salt spray for 504 hours (GB 2423.17);

  • Products comply with RoSH requirements;

Parameters of SH1 series four-core 20A~40A high voltage interlocking plastic connector

Electrical PerformanceRated voltage1000V
Withstand voltage4000V
Rated current20A(2.5mm²), 32A(4mm²), 40A(6mm²)
Impulse current40A,2min(2.5mm²)、64A,2min(4mm²)、80A,2min(6mm²)
Insulation resistance5000MΩ
Mechanical PropertiesPins4 pinS
Mating cycles100Times
Cross sections2.5mm²  / 4mm²  / 6mm² 
Vibration class acc. ToUSCAR  V2
Raw MaterialShellNylon
ShieldingCopper alloy
SealingRubber material
Environmental PerformanceOperating temperature-40℃~140℃
Protection Grade IP68、IP69K
Salt Spray96h

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