SS1 120A-200A Energy Storage Connector

SS1 8mm type energy storage connector, mainly including 120A\150A\200A series. Corresponding to 25 mm², 35 mm², 50 mm² high-voltage cables.

Main Advantage

  • With secondary locking function, it is safer and more reliable;
  • Supports first crimping and then threading, reducing maintenance costs;
  • Key position error proofing, 360° blind mating and rotation
  • 125℃

    Max operating temperature

  • -40℃

    Min operating temperature

  • 1500V

    Rated voltage

  • Max 200A

    Rated current

Introduction of energy storage connector

SS1 8mm type energy storage connector, mainly including 120A, 150A, 200A series. It has functions such as key position error prevention, positive and negative color error prevention, 360° rotation, etc., corresponding to 25 mm², 35 mm², and 50 mm² high-voltage cables. 

It is suitable for high-voltage connection between energy storage cabinets, energy storage stations, mobile energy storage vehicles, photovoltaic power stations and other components.

Features of energy storage connector

  • It has a secondary locking function, which is safer and more reliable;

  • The product supports crimping the terminal first and then threading the assembly. If the power terminal is damaged, the plug can be replaced separately without replacing the cable;

  • It has the function of key position error prevention, and meets the requirements of 360° blind insertion. After insertion, it can realize 360° rotation to avoid user misoperation to the greatest extent;

  • Color error proof, easy to identify battery poles;

  • Optional protection grade IP67;

Installation size of energy storage connector


Parameters of SS1 120A-200A Energy Storage Connector

Mechanical life100 times
Vibration levelQC/T 1067.1-2017 V1

Applicable cables25mm²35mm²50mm²
Rated current120A150A200A
Rated voltage1500V
Withstand voltage4000V
Insulation resistance5000MΩ(drying) / ≥300MΩ(RH 95%)
Protection classIP67 (optional)
Operating temperature-40℃~125℃
Temperature rise45K
Salt spray levelNeutral salt spray: 48h (unsealed)/ 480h (sealed)
Shell materialNylon
Sealing partsSilicone Rubber
Contact partsSilver plated copper

(In the case of low temperature rise requirements, the maximum current can reach 250A, suitable for 70mm² cables, and the temperature rise is 55K at this time;)

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