The CCS 2 charging cable 80A~300A developed by our company has been released, please consult

2023-05-21 10:29:09

We are pleased to announce that our company's newly developed CCS 2 charging cable has been officially released. Capable of charging from 80A to 300A, the cable will be a valuable addition to the EV charging infrastructure. This range of charging power will support faster charging speeds, which will be very beneficial to EV owners who need fast charging.

ccs 2 plug

To ensure that the CCS 2 charging cable complies with all necessary safety standards and regulatory requirements, we have carried out sufficient testing and verification. In this way, we can guarantee that the use of this charging cable is safe.

Sailtra SCQ series CCS 2 charging cable, with replaceable DC terminals and mounting surface frame, for installation on electric vehicle charging piles, charging mode 4, for fast charging of electric vehicles with direct current (DC) via CCS type 2 vehicle socket . The product meets the requirements of IEC 62196.3-2022 and RoHS2.0.

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The model is as follows:

SCQ-80A-1000V-EU     CCS 2 80A DC charging cable

SCQ-125A-1000V-EU   CCS 2 125A DC charging cable

SCQ-150A-1000V-EU   CCS 2 150A DC charging cable

SCQ-250A-1000V-EU   CCS 2 250A DC charging cable

SCQ-200A-1000V-EU   CCS 2 200A DC charging cable

SCQ-300A-1000V-EU   CCS 2 300A DC charging cable

CCS 2 charging cable product performance

Mechanical behavior

Mechanical life ≥10000 times

Insertion/extraction force <100N

electrical properties

Rated current DC+/DC-: 80A, 125A, 150A, 200A, 250A, 300A; PP/CP: 2A Max

Rated voltage DC+/DC-: 1000V DC; PP/CP 30V DC

Withstand voltage DC+, DC-, PE: 3000V AC (room temperature);

Between PP and CP: 500V AC (room temperature)

Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ (DC+&DC-&PE, DC 1000V), (CP,PP, temperature sensing line, DC 500V)

Temperature rise <50K

Temperature sensor 2×PT1000

We are very proud of the release of this CCS 2 charging cable and look forward to it bringing greater development and progress to the field of electric vehicle charging.

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