Saichuan Electronics has forged ahead in the field of electrical connection

2022-08-12 17:53:22

Zhengzhou Saichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in June 2019. It is an independent subsidiary of Yutong Group, focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of electrical connection systems in the new energy industry. Starting from the self-made Yutong bus wiring harness, it has accumulated 14 years of live application experience and technical precipitation, and began to independently develop and produce connector products in 2019.

At present, Saichuan Electronics continues to supply domestic OEMs and leading companies in the three power categories, and has been unanimously recognized. Cooperative customers include: Great Wall Motor, Huichuan Technology, Penghui Energy, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Wolong Electric Drive, Sunshine Power supply, etc. Among them, Huichuan Technology is a leading enterprise and a national pioneer enterprise in the field of industrial automation control in China; Wolong Electric Drive is a major manufacturer of motors and drive solutions in the world.


Four Capabilities Build the Core Competitiveness of Enterprises

Since the establishment of Saichuan Electronics for three years, its performance has maintained a substantial growth trend every year. The high revenue growth is mainly due to the company's own core competitiveness and the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry.

Saichuan Electronics knows that only through technological innovation can the moat be dug deep, and the four-wheel drive of R&D, production, quality and testing can continuously improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise.


R&D investment has always maintained a high proportion

In terms of design and R&D, Saichuan electronic technical personnel account for 20%, R&D investment accounts for 10% every year, and the compound annual growth rate of patent applications reaches 51.5%.


Mature manufacturing capability

In terms of manufacturing engineering, relying on the resource advantages of Yutong Group, Saichuan Electronics has built two production bases for new energy high-voltage wiring harnesses and high-voltage connectors. It covers an area of about 30,000 square meters and has complete R&D management, supply chain management, production and quality management. system, the annual production capacity of the assembly can reach 500,000 sets.


Strict quality control to ensure 100% good product shipments

Strictly control every quality control link from development, process, to delivery. Using automated modern assembly lines, high-precision machining equipment to automatically retrieve processing parameters, etc., to ensure product consistency and reliability; product key performance is fully checked, and the factory QR code certificate is associated with the company's SAP system to achieve product information. Retrospective uniqueness.


Full project test verification

Independent full-project laboratory, more than 100 sets of various testing instruments, can realize multi-dimensional comprehensive experiments.


Under the "dual carbon" goal, new energy power generation and new energy vehicles, which are the core industries of Made in China 2025, are developing rapidly under the support of national policies, and the connector industry is also ushering in a favorable situation.

At present, my country's connector market is mainly occupied by international giants, but with the vast domestic consumer market and relatively cheap labor costs, the localization of connectors will become an inevitable trend. With more than ten years of real-time application experience in vehicle loading, Saichuan Electronics has independently developed new energy vehicle charging inlet series products, IPT series connectors, integrated connectors and other products, relying on its advantages of excellent performance and reliability to quickly open up the market. , is emerging as a rookie in the domestic high-voltage connector market.


In the future, Saichuan Electronics will continue to develop new energy vehicle electrical connections and energy storage battery connector. At the same time, it also has important product layouts in the fields of power exchange, intelligence, and electric ships, focusing on the research and development of chip terminals, unshielded, ultrasonic welding, aluminum New products and new processes such as wire welding. Strive to become the leading brand in the domestic connector market through technological innovation.

Saichuan, make the connection safer and easier!

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