In the European standard charging socket, the charging signal interaction process and potential faults during charging

2023-09-15 15:16:55

1. The CCS2 plug is not inserted in place and the CP signal cannot be detected, which affects the charging signal interaction and will exit the charging process.

2. After inserting the plug, the insulation resistance value is too low and the insulation test cannot be passed. There may be a possibility that the IP protection level does not meet the requirements.

3. The CP signal duty cycle is invalid and cannot be charged.

4. The PLC communication signal cannot be parsed or is incompatible and cannot be charged.

5. The electronic lock is not locked (not driven or the electronic lock is damaged, etc.) and cannot be charged.

6. Overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, or reverse current during charging will stop charging.

7. Precharging cannot be completed normally and charging cannot continue normally.

8. If the output voltage of the charging pile does not match the required voltage, charging will be suspended.

9. If the charging socket is overheated, charging will be derated or stopped.

10. The electronic lock fails and arcing occurs when plugging and unplugging when powered, which affects charging safety.

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