New version of CCS 2 Socket | support ccs2 inlet installed behind the board

2023-05-25 09:50:31

Saichuan Electronics is deeply involved in the new energy vehicle market, giving full play to its technical expertise in the field of new energy electrical connection, and has developed a series of ccs 2 socket products. 

The new products launched below are in the form of installation behind the board, with a maximum current of 400A and ultra-high power fast charging. Electronic lock 12V/24V is optional, and can be installed at three different positions: top, left, and right. At the same time, it has a highly competitive cost advantage to meet the needs of customers in various scenarios, and is suitable for European standard new energy series passenger cars , buses, sanitation vehicles, logistics vehicles, etc.;

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CCS 2 socket product advantages

  • The direct plug dust cover is made of TPU material, which has both hardness and toughness;

  • Silver-plated power terminals, 70mm² adopts crimping form, 95mm² adopts ultrasonic welding form, low temperature rise and strong stability;

The initial temperature rise of the 200A socket is about 39K. After 10,000 times of plugging and unplugging, it is paired with a new charging gun, and the temperature rise is about 45K.

The initial temperature rise of the 250A socket is about 34K, and the temperature rise is about 42K after 10,000 plugs and unplugs

  • Adopt unique drainage structure and one-piece plastic structure design, reduce the fit gap of ccs2 plug insertion, and improve the reliability of locking ccs2 plug;

  • Bolt-free design, simple assembly process;

  • The temperature sensor is close to the power terminal, with high sensitivity, accuracy and reliability;

ccs2 inlet ordering model

Product model

Order model

Product description

SCZ-200A-1000V-EU G002


200A CCS2 Inlet (AC & DC, rear mounting)

SCZ-250A-1000V-EU G002


250A CCS2 Inlet (AC & DC, rear mounting)

SCZ-300A-1000V-EU G002


300A CCS2 Inlet (AC & DC, rear mounting)

SCZ-150A-1000V-EU G002


150A CCS2 Inlet (AC & DC, rear mounting)

SCZ-125A-1000V-EU G002


125A CCS2 Inlet (AC & DC, rear mounting)

SCZ-80A-1000V-EU G002


80A CCS2 Inlet (AC & DC, rear mounting)

SCZ-400A-1000V-EU G002


400A CCS2 Inlet (AC & DC, rear mounting)

The ccs2 inlet have been loaded to customers such as Yutong Bus, Sinotruk, Jiangling Jingma, Chery Wanda, Jiangsu Vientiane, etc. The products are exported to the United Kingdom, Finland, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, Australia and other countries along with the whole vehicle.

ccs2 inlet application.webp

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