What is a AC charging inlet type 2?

2023-08-08 14:31:13

The Type 2 AC charging inlet, also known as the Mennekes connector, is a widely used standard for electric vehicle (EV) charging in Europe. It supports both single-phase and three-phase AC charging and is designed to be versatile and capable of accommodating different charging speeds.

Type 2 AC charging inlet

The Type 2 AC charging inlet consists of a rectangular connector with seven pins, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. L1 (Phase 1): This pin carries one phase of the AC power, which is used for charging the vehicle's battery.

  2. L2 (Phase 2): Similar to L1, this pin carries another phase of AC power in three-phase charging setups.

  3. L3 (Phase 3): In three-phase systems, L3 provides the third phase of AC power.

  4. N (Neutral): This pin provides the neutral connection for the AC power supply.

  5. PE (Protective Earth): The PE pin is used for grounding and ensuring electrical safety during charging.

  6. CP (Control Pilot): The Control Pilot pin is used for communication between the vehicle and the charging station. It helps establish a connection, negotiate charging parameters, and manage the charging process.

  7. PP (Proximity Pilot): The Proximity Pilot pin is used to detect the presence of the connector and trigger safety mechanisms.

charging inlet type 2.jpg

The Type 2 AC charging inlet allows for different charging power levels, depending on the available infrastructure and the vehicle's capabilities. It is commonly found in home charging stations, workplace chargers, and public charging stations across Europe. The versatility of Type 2 connectors enables EV owners to charge at varying speeds, making it a practical choice for daily charging needs.

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