Electric vehicle high voltage wiring harness and production process

2022-12-05 13:37:28

Electric vehicle high-voltage wiring harnesses connect various components of the high-voltage system. As a high-voltage transmission medium, it is the main carrier of the power output of electric vehicles. It is mainly used to transmit electric energy and shield external signal interference.

Electric vehicle high-voltage wiring harnesses

Automotive high-voltage wiring harness has the characteristics of high voltage resistance, high current, high protection level, and anti-electromagnetic interference. It is the neural network of the high-voltage system of pure electric vehicles, and it is a key component that affects the performance and safety of the whole vehicle. Pure electric vehicle high-voltage wiring harnesses are generally divided into power battery high-voltage wiring harnesses, motor controller high-voltage wiring harnesses, fast charging socket wiring harnesses, slow charging socket wiring harnesses, air conditioning system wiring harnesses, and charging high-voltage wiring harnesses. Wire harness between charger, A/C compressor and traction battery pack heater.

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The high-voltage wiring harness is mainly composed of high-voltage connectors, high-voltage cables, covering layers (tape, heat shrinkable tubes, corrugated tubes, wear-resistant self-rolling tubes, etc.), protective plates, etc. The process of producing high-voltage wire harness mainly includes wire cutting, accessory pre-installation, terminal crimping/ultrasonic welding, shielding crimping, wire harness assembly and electrical testing.


Due to the characteristics of high voltage, high current, and large number of large-diameter wires, the high-voltage wiring harness of pure electric vehicles faces challenges such as wiring, safety, shielding, weight and cost. As a high-value pure electric vehicle component, high-voltage wiring harness can contribute to the cost reduction of the whole vehicle through continuous cost optimization through research. The cost reduction work is a continuous optimization and continuous activity, and the follow-up needs to be continuously optimized, so as to minimize the cost of the whole vehicle and provide customers with more competitive products.

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