Saichuan Electronics officially entered the SAIC Group supplier system

2022-08-31 18:50:29


In July, gold is like fire, and the sun is hot in midsummer. After going through a strict and complete supplier access process, Saichuan Electronics finally received a designated notice from SAIC Group on July 26, and Saichuan Electronics officially entered the SAIC Group's supplier system.


SAIC has ranked first in my country's automobile sales for 6 consecutive years, and the sales of new energy vehicles are also ahead of other companies. SAIC is also particularly strict in the selection of suppliers. Entering the SAIC supplier system means entering the national and even global automobiles. The first echelon of parts companies. Since March 19, 2022, Saichuan Electronics has made serious preparations for the successful entry into the audit of SAIC's supplier system, and established a special project team: after repeated structural optimization design, simulation simulation analysis, and finally achieve product performance requirements; Lean process planning ensures the reliability of quality and the optimal cost. After four months of tests and audits, it finally stood out in the fierce competition and became the high-voltage wiring harness supplier of SAIC Group.


Saichuan's successful entry into SAIC's supplier system is not a day's work. Since 2005, the predecessor of Saichuan Electronics - Yutong Group's wiring harness segment has been established, high standards and international requirements have been running through, such requirements are not only This enables Saichuan to provide Yutong Group with safe and reliable wiring harness and connector products, and also attracts many leading vehicle companies such as Geely Commercial Vehicles, Great Wall Commercial Vehicles, Sinotruk, Ideal Motors, Qingling, Jiangling, etc., Saichuan While stably supplying the above-mentioned enterprises in batches, it has gradually gained a high reputation in the industry. This time, it has been recognized by SAIC Group again, which proves that Saichuan's status in the electronics industry has been improved again.


Of course, Saichuan will not be satisfied with entering SAIC's supplier system. How to continuously improve its strength and capability is the goal of Saichuan Electronics in the next stage. On July 26, 2022, after receiving the project notice from SAIC, Saichuan Electronics quickly formed a project team and held a project kick-off meeting. This meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the research and development products, and clarified the goals and plans for the follow-up docking. SAIC proposed production capacity planning according to demand. Saichuan Electronics will accelerate the development of new products to meet customer needs, create cost-effective products for customers, and provide high-quality services that exceed expectations.

The cooperation with SAIC is a new milestone for Saichuan Electronics. In the future, Saichuan Electronics will focus on the global market. As a national independent brand parts company, Saichuan Electronics will also accompany Chinese auto companies to shine in the international market.

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