New energy vehicle high voltage wire harness terminal crimping standard

2023-02-09 13:21:26

Saichuan Electronics will introduce to you the relevant standards for terminal crimping in high-voltage wiring harnesses of new energy vehicles, including crimping specifications for terminals and shielding rings; this standard is applicable to the nominal voltage of the working system 60V DC<U≤1500V DC or 30V AC< U≤1000V AC high-voltage wiring harness for various automobiles.

This standard applies to synchronous development of terminals, shielding rings, and products processed according to drawings, and the crimping standards of component suppliers are given priority;

High-voltage system terminals refer to the terminals that are directly connected to the circuit with a system voltage of 30V≤AC≤1000V or 60V≤DC≤1500V and matched with shielded wires;


The crimping barrel that is closed before crimping is called a closed crimping barrel. Figure 1 exemplifies the high-voltage system terminal of the closed crimping barrel. A closed crimp is a conductor, insulation, or single conductor gutter crimp with a closed profile. Terminals are usually tubular. Closed crimp barrels are typically conductor crimps.

This standard specifies the crimping requirements for the terminals of the high-voltage system of the closed crimping barrel.

Shielding ring refers to the ring sleeve used to connect the shielding layer of the shielding wire when the system voltage is 30V≤AC≤1000V or 60V≤DC≤1500V;


Shielding ring crimps are conductor, insulation or single conductor gland crimps with closed profiles. Terminals are usually tubular. Shielding ring crimping is usually conductor crimping, but there are also crimping of conductors and insulators,

Both types of crimping requirements are covered by the provisions in this standard.

Conductor crimping is the connection of a terminal to a stranded conductor of a shielded core wire.

Conductor crimping shall ensure a durable electrical connection between the terminal and the stranded conductor.

Shielding ring crimping refers to the connection between the outer shielding ring and the inner shielding ring, or the connection between the shielding ring and the outer insulation layer of the wire.

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