Illustration of CCS new energy electric vehicle charging port and charging gun plug standards

2023-09-19 15:19:10

In the picture below, the left side is the Type-2 CCS charging port defined by the CCS standard, and the right side is the plug of the DC charging gun. The car's charging port integrates the AC part (the upper part) and the DC part (the two thick interfaces in the lower part). During the AC and DC charging process, the communication between the electric vehicle (EV) and the charging pile (EVSE) is carried out through the ControlPilot (CP) interface. Depending on the market, the AC part of the charging interface in Europe and the United States, Japan, and South Korea will be different. However, the functions of the following interfaces are the same:


Several other interfaces are used to transmit power: Neutral (N) line, L1 (AC single-phase), L2, L3 (AC three-phase); DC+, DC- (direct current). The picture below is an actual charging gun product in the European market that complies with the CCSType2 (IEC62196-2) standard:


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