CCS Combo 2 DC fast charging connector

2023-09-22 16:02:31

CCS Combo 2 DC fast charging connector 200A 250A EV quick charging plug CCS Type 2 DC CHARGING COUPLER EV BUS CAR


Product Description

1.Meet the'electric vehicle conductive charging connection device'62196-3 IEC 2011 SHEET 3-Lj Technical standards and requirements

2.Nice shape,With dustproof protective cover Easy to open and close 

3.Protection class IP55 in mated conditions

4.Reliability of materials,antiflaming ,environmental protection ,abrasion resistance,impact resistance,oil resistance and Anti-UV


Elactric Performance

Rated current : 150A 

Operating voltage : 1000V  DC

Insulation resistance : >2000MΩ (DC1000V)

Terminal temperature rise :<50K

Withstand voltage :3200V

Vibration resistance :Meet JDQ 53.3 requirements

Contact impedance:0.5MΩ Max


Mechanical properties

Mechanical life:no-load plug in/pull out>10000times

Insertion and extraction :70N<F<140N



Shell Materials :Thermoplastic(insulator inflammability UL 94V0)

Contact bush :Copper alloy,silver plating

Sealinggasket :rubber or silicon rubber


Environmental performance

Operating tem perature:-30°C--+50

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