Saichuan electronic high and low voltage wiring harness OEM processing advantages

2022-08-17 16:54:42

As a standard supplier of high-voltage wiring harnesses for Yutong buses, Saichuan Electronics has accumulated rich experience in customizing automotive electrical connection systems after more than ten years of live application. In terms of new energy vehicles, our products After rigorous laboratory and road running tests of the whole vehicle, it maintains stable, reliable and durable performance in the operation of the terminal vehicle.

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1. The processing of high and low voltage wiring harnesses adopts well-known brand equipment at home and abroad and perfect inspection and control measures to ensure the quality, and the consistency of products is ensured by means of equipment monitoring + manual control. The main process is as follows:

1. Off-line: Use advanced wire-breaking equipment and peeling equipment at home and abroad (Schleuniger, Komax, Haichang, Yingang, etc.) to ensure the wire-breaking accuracy and peeling accuracy of the product, and at the same time assist in quality control methods. Employee self-inspection and quality sampling to ensure the accuracy of length

2. Crimping: Use advanced crimping equipment at home and abroad (TE, Haichang, Haisheng, etc.), and the equipment is equipped with a pressure detection system and a defective product alarm function to achieve the purpose of product consistency and defective product isolation, while assisting The reliability of products is guaranteed by the mode of personnel self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection.

3. Heat shrink: Adopt domestic advanced heat shrink equipment (such as Gang, DSG), with temperature control and heat shrink position fixing function, which can ensure the consistency of heat shrink position and heat shrink effect

4. Shielding net processing: Adopt domestic advanced shielding net processing equipment (Whisford, Silver Steel), with length cutting function control and loose wire adsorption function, which can ensure the shielding net cutting consistency and the cleanliness of the production environment

5. Assembly and final assembly: According to actual needs, develop special auxiliary tooling for sheaths, connectors and other accessories and a 1:1 tooling board for wiring harness products to ensure the installation effectiveness and dimensional accuracy of products and accessories

6. Electrical inspection: Use the industry's mature electrical inspection equipment and special electrical inspection modules to test low-voltage connectivity, AC withstand voltage, insulation resistance, and air tightness. When all the tests pass, the equipment will automatically print a "qualified" label , to achieve product traceability

7. Injection molding: Using a well-known domestic brand (Hangzhou Dayu), the equipment runs stably, product parameters can be saved, which can effectively ensure product consistency, and the equipment can be connected to the MES system to achieve traceability.

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Equipped with a special assembly line for wire harness processing, on the premise of ensuring product quality, gradually improve production efficiency and improve production rhythm

 According to the processing flow of the wire harness, the ideal production cycle can be controlled between 35S-55S (which is strongly related to the type of wire harness). Currently, an MES system that can realize unified control of the process is being planned. At that time, centralized management and unified allocation of resources will be realized. It can realize the optimization of orders, allocate different lines, and finally achieve the purpose of optimal allocation of resources.

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