The global road of Saichuan's css2 charging socket

2022-07-14 15:37:49

Today, the development of the global new energy vehicle industry is accelerating, and China's electric vehicle export volume will rank first in the world in 2021, which has also stimulated the industrial agglomeration of China's electric vehicles, driving the improvement of the quality of Chinese brand parts and components and the strength of "going overseas". Saichuan Electronics' ccs2 ev charging socket came into being at this time, and was successfully assembled on vehicles of Yutong Group, China National Heavy Duty Truck and other brands, galloping in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions, and successfully obtained users' satisfaction. trust.


Saichuan Electronics is especially aimed at the needs of exporting overseas, focusing on solving the pain points of car companies for the long supply cycle and high price of European standard sockets. Saichuan Electronics has developed high-quality ccs2 charging socket: SCZ series ccs2 200A/250A DC The charging stand product will be installed and used in the car in 2021, which will empower Chinese electric vehicle companies to build a global layout.


In the process of developing the European standard series charging base, Saichuan Electronics has benchmarked the top similar products at home and abroad, and selected high-precision equipment and high-quality raw materials to ensure the high quality and high performance of the products.



Saichuan Electronics has accumulated rich experience in the CCS2 DC charging base: on the appearance of the product, the tail cover adopts a high-voltage warning color, which is convenient for operators to identify and improves the safety of the job site;


The dust cover has both hardness and toughness, and the insertion and extraction feel is smooth and soft; through the unique internal structure design of the product, the gun seat has a higher degree of fit, the gun insertion is safer and more reliable, and the hand feel is better;


In the assembly process, the industry's advanced ultrasonic welding technology is used for welding, and the temperature rise is lower than 50K after 12,000 times of plugging and unplugging. Compared with similar products in the market, the charging efficiency is higher and the service life is longer.


Obtained TUV, CE certification, in line with RoHS requirements

Saichuan Electronics CCS2 DC socket has successfully passed TUV South Germany and CE certification. Both TUV and CE are internationally authoritative third-party safety monitoring, inspection and certification agencies, which are widely recognized in Europe. Enterprises participating in the certification must undergo strict testing and inspection. The successful passing of the double certification means that the functional characteristics and production technology of Saichuan's European standard series sockets have reached the international advanced level, and it also marks the progress of Saichuan Electronics to Europe and even the world, and a step forward.

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