Precautions for using ccs2 DC charging cable

2022-12-22 13:52:33

As a fast charging device for new energy electric vehicles, the ccs2 DC charging cable not only provides convenience and saves time for everyone, but also has many points to pay attention to when using it. The following article will introduce you in detail.

1. Be sure to check the power cord before charging, such as whether the voltage is stable. If the ccs2 DC charging cable emits a beep sound or the indicator light flashes, the power supply must be cut off quickly to avoid battery damage or other leakage accidents.

2. After inserting the charging cable, check whether it is fully inserted into the vehicle base, and do not cause a false connection, which will cause slow charging or no charging.

3. On rainy days, if there is water near the charging gun, it must be disposed of properly to avoid leakage.

4. During the charging process, check whether the charging gun is abnormally overheated. If it is overheated, you need to consult customer service for feedback in time.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that the DC charging cable belongs to "fast charging" and has relatively high voltage requirements. When charging, you must operate in a standardized manner and pay attention to protecting your own safety.

250A CCS2 DC charging cable features

  • Comply with the relevant standards and requirements of IEC62196-3, and develop and produce based on IATF 16949 automotive standards and ISO 9001 standards.

  • Adopting the third-generation design concept, the appearance is beautiful. The handheld design conforms to the principles of ergonomics and feels comfortable in the hand.

  • Charging cables for every application, from garages to charging areas, in custom lengths. The cable is made of XLPO material and TPU sheath, which improves the bending life and wear resistance of the cable. The better material on the market at present, complies with the EU standard.

  • The protection level of the product reaches IP55 (working state). Even in harsh environments, the product can isolate water and enhance safe use.

  • Customer company logo can be attached if required. Provide OEM/ODM services, which is beneficial for customers to expand the market.

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