High voltage cables for electric vehicle and hybrid vehicles

2023-04-06 10:36:37

Sailtran's ev high voltage cable has been mass-produced globally

Sailtran ev high voltage cable have been used in series production by the world's leading car manufacturers for many years. This is based on our supply of high voltage cables of excellent quality, complying with all current standards and approved worldwide. In addition, our customers are very satisfied with our cost advantage.

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All high voltage cables we supply comply with LV 216 standard.

Sailtran high voltage cable products are the optimal solution for every application:

Single-core and multi-core (shielded and unshielded) cables ranging from 2.5 mm² to 120 mm².

Cables with copper or aluminum as conductor material.

Suitable for common voltage classes up to 600 V AC / 1,000 V DC.

Now equipped for future voltage classes: Designed for high voltage cables up to 1,000 V AC / 1,500 V DC.

In addition to the proven 150°C temperature class, we also offer high-voltage cables for the 180°C temperature class. Compared to standard 150°C cables, our products have a thermal reserve - for optimum performance of any type.

EV High voltage cable have great cost advantages

Sailtran always puts the interests of customers first. We continuously strive to develop solutions to meet your material, weight and space saving requirements. We maximize your financial interests.

Reduced weight and installation space

Customer acceptance of electric vehicles is directly related to increased range and reduced charging time. Many suppliers do this by increasing the current levels, which in turn results in the use of larger and heavier cables. Sailtran takes a different approach - we offer several ways to reduce weight while meeting your requirements:

Machined lighter aluminum as conductor material.

Innovative insulation and jacket materials reduce weight.

Revolutionary technology - active cooling of EV high voltage cable.

In customer projects, we have been able to reduce weight by up to 40% compared to uncooled high voltage cables.

Together with you we will find the best cable solution.

Ready for automation

Sailtran continues to meet the growing demand for automated production and assembly of HV wire harnesses. Therefore, we are ready for the trend towards full automation today.

Our high voltage cables have the following features:

  • Process stable design and minimal tolerance area for easy and clean cutting of sheaths and braids.

  • Avoid splicing during processing, so that further processing can proceed smoothly.

  • Long service life and high functional stability

  • Reduced installation space and weight

  • copper and aluminum cables

  • Temperature range 150°C and 180°C


  • Voltage ratings up to 1,000 V AC / 1,500 V DC

  • Applications in the Global Electric Vehicle Market

  • Individual consulting for the efficient design of system components

  • for your individual solution


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