250A European standard DC charging socket technical specification (complies with IEC62196)

2023-04-04 09:48:26

Saichuan Electronics SCZ series ccs2 charging socket are installed on electric vehicles. By cooperating with DC charging guns, the DC charging function can be realized. The products meet IEC 62196.3-2022 and RoHS requirements.

ccs2 charging socket model name













Rated current: 200A,250A


Rated voltage:1000V




Retrofit Default、G001/G002...

2. Product performance

2.1 Electrical Characteristics

Rated current: DC+/DC-: 200A, suitable for 70 square wire; 250A suitable for 95 square wire

PE: suitable for 25 flat wire

CP/PP: 2A, suitable for 0.75 flat wire

Rated voltage: DC+\DC-\PE hole position 1000V, the rest 30V

Insulation resistance: Insulation resistance≥100MΩ 1000V DC(DC+/DC-/PE)

Withstand voltage: 3000V AC/1min. (DC+\DC-\PE)

2.2 Mechanical properties

Mechanical life: 10000 times

2.3 Materials and Surface Treatment


Material: copper alloy

Finish: Silver Plated

Production process: machining


Material: Thermoplastic

Colour: Black

Production process: injection molding


Material: silicone rubber

Color: red/grey/blue

Production process: vulcanization

2.4 Working Environment

Ambient temperature: -30℃~+50℃

Protection class: IP44 (after the head seat is inserted)

3. European standard DC charging socket outline drawing and low voltage wiring

ccs2 charging inlet pic.jpg

4. Temperature sensor in socket

Temperature sensor model: PT1000, the temperature sensor model can be adjusted according to customer needs

Suggested temperature control: when the temperature reaches 100°C, the current limiting process is performed, and the charging is stopped when the temperature reaches 120°C.

Reason for requirement: IEC62196 stipulates that the charging product is used at a temperature of -30°C to +50°C, and the terminal temperature rises at a maximum of 50K. When the temperature reaches 100°C, the current should be limited to prevent the temperature from rising continuously. In order to avoid the aging of the internal parts and cables of the charging product under high temperature conditions, the charger should stop charging when the temperature reaches 120°C.

Allowable working current: 0.3mA max.

ccs2 charging inlet size.jpg

The electronic lock is driven by a motor, uses a micro switch as a position signal feedback device, and is connected to an external control circuit through PIN1, PIN2, PIN3, and PIN4 to achieve electronic lock locking, unlocking and signal feedback.

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