Saichuan Electronic CCS2 Charging Socket IEC 62196-3 Test Report

2022-11-23 09:46:32

The new energy vehicle charging socket developed and produced by Saichuan Electronics is installed on the electric vehicle. With the charging gun, it can realize the AC and DC charging function. The products meet European and Chinese standards and meet RoHS requirements.

SCZ series CCS2 charging socket, rated voltage 1000V, current 200A/250A, applicable cable 70mm²/95mm².

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The following is the IEC test report of our European standard DC socket:

Prepare report: TUV SÜD Certification Testing (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch

Applicant Name: Zhengzhou Saichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Address : No. 11, Changchun Road, National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhengzhou City

Test Specification:

Standard: IEC 62196-3:2014 for use in conjunction with IEC 62196-1:2014

EN 62196-3:2014 in combination with EN 62196-1:2014

Test procedure: CE, TÜV mark

Non-standard test method: N/A

Test report number: IEC62196_3A

Test report form originator: VDE Testing and Certification Institute

TRF: dated 2016-01

Copyright © 2016 IEC System for Conformity Assessment of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE System).

Description of test items: Vehicle socket for conductive charging of electric vehicles

Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Saichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Model/Type Reference: SCZ-200A-1000V-EU

Rating: 200A 1000VDC

This product meets the requirements of _ IEC 62169-1:2014, EN 62169-1:2014, IEC 62169-3:2014, EN 62169-3:2014

Test Item Details: Accessory Type

Vehicle inlets for conductive charging of electric vehicles

▪ Vehicle access: yes

▪ Vehicle Connector: None

- Number of poles: 5(PP,PE,CP,DC+,DC-)

- Rated current: 200A

- Rated working voltage: 1000V DC

- Degree of protection : IP55 (unmated), IP44 (mated)

- Interlock facility (with/without interlock): with interlock

- Interlock Type (Electrical/Mechanical): Mechanical

- Standard table : 3-IVa

- Configuration : FF

- Terminal Type : Crimp Connection

Full test report:

SCZ-200A-1000V-EU IEC 62196 test report.pdf

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