Saichuan electronic energy storage connector

2023-06-16 09:26:08

Energy storage is an important part of a modern energy system. The energy storage connector is a key component in the energy storage system, and it needs to have various characteristics such as safety, reliability, and operation convenience. Saichuan Electronics has a series of energy storage connectors to choose from, including quick-plug energy storage connectors, copper bar connectors, manual maintenance switches, etc.

energy storage connector

Saichuan electronic fast plug-in energy storage connector can realize key position error prevention, positive and negative electrode color error prevention, 360-degree multi-angle mating, 360-degree rotation can be realized after mating, and has a secondary locking function, product support Threading after crimping, simple assembly, detachable maintenance. The quick plug energy storage connector meets IP67 and can achieve more than 100 mating times. The suitable wire diameter ranges from 10mm² to 120mm², which can be applied to multiple scenarios such as home energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, etc. The best-selling models have passed TUV, UL, CE and other international certifications, helping Chinese energy storage products sell well all over the world.

Saichuan electronic copper bar connector has the characteristics of easy operation and convenient maintenance, and there are also waterproof models to choose from.

Battery Busbar Connector

Saichuan electronic MSD manual maintenance switch has the characteristics of identifiable assembly, reliable screw connection, high current carrying, low temperature saving, high voltage interlocking, etc. The product has IP67 waterproof function and anti-touch function.

MSD energy storage system maintenance switch

At present, Saichuan Electronics has supplied batches of energy storage companies to Guangzhou Penghui, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Zhongtian Energy Storage, Anhui Tongsheng and other energy storage companies. The fast delivery and stable quality have won extensive certification and trust. Saichuan Electronics Electronics, making connections safer and easier!

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