Technical Datasheet for 250A CCS2 plug / 250A CCS2 charging cable

2023-06-16 09:34:27

Product Name: 250A CCS2 Charging Cable

Model: CCS2-250A

Compatible Vehicle Models: Electric Vehicles (EVs) equipped with CCS2 charging ports


The 250A CCS2 Charging Cable is an electric vehicle charging cable designed for high-power charging. It is compatible with electric vehicles that are equipped with CCS2 charging ports. This cable supports both AC and DC charging, allowing for faster charging compared to standard AC charging cables.

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Key Features:

High-Power Charging: The 250A CCS2 Charging Cable is designed for high-power charging requirements, providing faster charging speeds and reducing charging wait times for electric vehicle users.

Compatibility: This cable is compatible with electric vehicles equipped with CCS2 charging ports, including multiple brands and models, ensuring wide applicability and charging compatibility.

Safety and Reliability: The 250A CCS2 Charging Cable is manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring a safe and reliable charging experience. It includes safety mechanisms such as overload protection, overheating protection, and short circuit protection to ensure user and vehicle safety.


Using the 250A CCS2 Charging Cable for charging is straightforward. Simply connect the CCS2 plug of the cable to the charging port of the electric vehicle, and insert the other end into a charging station or charging pedestal equipped with a CCS2 charging socket. Ensure a secure connection between the plug and the port, then initiate the charging process using the charging station.

Technical Datasheet for 250A CCS2 plug.pdf


Before using the 250A CCS2 Charging Cable, ensure that the electric vehicle's charging port is of the CCS2 type and refer to the charging guidelines provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

When selecting a charging station or pedestal, ensure that it supports a charging power output of 250A and is compatible with the 250A CCS2 Charging Cable.

During the charging process, follow the safety operating guidelines provided by the charging station and vehicle manufacturer to ensure safe operation and optimal charging performance.


The 250A CCS2 Charging Cable is a dedicated solution for high-power charging of electric vehicles. It offers a fast, safe, and reliable charging experience, providing convenience for electric vehicle users. Whether at home, public charging stations, or other compatible charging infrastructure, the 250A CCS2 Charging Cable is an essential accessory for efficient charging.

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